1.General - Abbreviations

ACATAAG Centre for Aviation Training
AD'sAirworthiness Directives
AOGAircraft on Ground
ATOApproved Training Organization
CARCivil Aviation Requirements
CAVOKCloud and Visibility OK
CMMCompliance Monitoring Manager
CPTCentral Procurement Team
DGCADirectorate General of Civil Aviation
DMSDiscrepancy Management System
DTSDiscrepancy Tracking System
EASAEuropean Union Aviation Safety Agency
ECDExpected Completion Date
EGPWSEnhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems
FFSFull Flight Simulator
FMCFlight Management Computer
FSBField Service Bulletin
FSTDFlight Simulation Training Device
FTDFlight Training Device
HoTHead of Training
IOSInstructor Operating Station
IoTImpact on Training
Log.coLogistics Co-Ordinator
MMIMissing, Malfunctioning or Inoperative
MQTGMaster Qualification Test Guide
NSPNational Simulator Program
PMSPreventive Maintenance System
POPurchase Order
QMQuality Manager
QPSQualification Performance Standard
QTGQualification Test Guide
RARegulatory Authority
RFTReady for Training
RMRReturn Material Request
RVRRunway Visual Range
SFTCSubjective Flight Training Check
SOCStatement of Compliance
SOQStatement of Qualifications
SPRSnag Post RFT (Ready for Training)
STDSynthetic Training Device
TDMTraining Device Manufacturer
TMTechnical Manager
ESEngineering Staff
VHFVery High Frequency